Thai Fruits

Longan (Lam Yai)
Small fruit grown in the northern part of Thailand.It is both
sweet and refreshing, and is eaten alone or in the dessert
called sweet sticky rice with longan and coconut cream

Lychee (Lin Chee)

Red peeled fruit grown in the northern part of Thailand. It is both sweet and a little bit sour

Mandarin orange (Som Khiew Wahn)

This fruit is rich in anti-oxidant vitamin C, and fiber

Banana (Kluay)
Found all over Thailand. Can help in reducing effects of constipation, and promote effective digestion

Ripe papaya (Ma la kor sook)
Delicious fruit loaded with anti-oxidants (vitamin C and A),
along with fiber to improve digestion

Mangosteen (Mang koot)

Fruit with a thick, reddish-brown rind and sweet, white, juicy segments. Due to its good taste, mangosteen is also known as the queen of fruits