We provide a choice of 16 recipes from 5 different categories (pick one dish from each category)

Thai food categories

1. Curry pastes

Green curry paste
(Nam Prik Gaeng Kheao Wan)

Pa-nang curry paste
(Nam Prik Gaeng Pa Nang)

Khao Soi paste
(Nam Prik Khao Soi)

2. Curries

Green curry
(Gaeng Kheao Waan)

Pa-nang curry
(Geang Pa Nang)

Khao Soi
(Chiang Mai Noodle)

3. Noodles

Pad Thai

Drunken Noodle
(Pad Khee Mao)

Fried thick noodle with soy sauce
(Pad See Ew)

4. Soups

Hot and sour prawn soup
(Tom Yum Kung)

Coconut milk soup with chicken
(Tom Kaa Kai)

Hot and sour soup with roasted chicken
(Tom Sab Kai Yang )

5. Desserts

Sago balls in coconut milk
(Sago Bua Loi)

Sweet sticky rice with mango
(Khao Niaow Ma Muang)

Banana in coconut milk
(Kluay buad She)

Special for half day class!

Fried spring roll
(Pow Pia Tord)

Half day morning course (8.30 am. – 1.30 pm.)/ Half day evening course (3.30 pm. -9.00 pm.

You will be able to cook 5 dishes and one special menu!

•Curry paste





♦Special menu: Fried spring roll

We cater for and welcome vegetarians! Please let us know if you are vegetarian in advance, and ingredients in recipes can be changed upon request.

We believe in healthy eating, as “You are what you eat”! We make sure  that all ingredients we use are fresh from market each day. Lanna Smile uses rice brand oil (not reused), no MSG, and we ensure all our equipment is clean for you. For guests who unfamiliar with spicy tastes, no problem! You can decide in our class how spicy you want to make your food to suit your own taste.

Half day 1,000 THB. per person

**Visitor 400 THB. per person 

       Private course 15,000 THB. (Maximum of 10 people, for extra persons 1,500 THB per each)

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